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Wholeness and floating in a difficult place

Sometimes events that occur in our lives are so disruptive that the only thing you seem to be able to do is give in, and let it take you wherever it flows. This, interestingly enough, feels counterintuitive to most of us. We are so used to trying to control our lives and our feelings. But then at these moments in time we are simply overwhelmed and cannot proceed as we were accustomed to. At those times you might feel that this is all life ever wants of you, to let it take you where you need to be. This is not necessarily a nice or comfortable place to be and it may be extremely difficult to give in. Nevertheless, I feel that that's where it's power lies.

And then, when we start letting those feelings be, instead of suppressing and hiding them away, suddenly we may feel a sense of space and wholeness, in the midst of this difficult place we are at. There's no longer the struggle, there's solely, maybe for an instant, the experience of floating.

Photograph: Eline Diercks

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